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Two generations of lighthouse keepers fight to survive on  a remote place at sea as they confront storms, mysterious visitors, and their own hearts. 

Legacy of the Light is an historical thriller. It is the story of two generations of lighthouse keepers at Race Rock Lighthouse off the shore of New London, Connecticut. The action takes place in 1907 and a generation later, much of it the day of the great Hurricane of 1938. Legacy is a story of how the past influences the present, of fathers and sons, failure, guilt, love, and redemption. As the story unfolds, men and women visit the lighthouse and objects wash up on its rocks. Storms bear down on this man-made island in the middle of the sea, and those trapped at Race Rock — the keeper, his fiancee, and a mysterious stranger —must fight the forces of nature and the demons within that threaten to destroy them. Legacy of the Light takes readers into a fast-paced story full of twists and turns. A story about men in storms and the storms in men.


Things are not what they seem to be in the world of magic.
A story of love, betrayal and forgiveness set in the world of professional magic in the 1940s.
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This historical fiction novel follows the story of Guy, a young magician coming of age in the 1930s and 1940s. Seeking his destiny, Guy encounters some of the great magicians of the era including Harry Blackstone, Lou Tannen, and Dai Vernon. He joins a carnival where he has adventures with an assortment of colorful characters. From the Garde Theater in New London, CT, to small towns of the South to the theaters of Broadway, from the deserts of Africa in WWII to the night clubs of NY, Guy’s life is informed by “magician’s choice.” Along the way, there are guest appearances by Albert Einstein and Ella Fitzgerald. The story is an exploration of youth and age, fame and betrayal, vengeance and compassion. As it transports readers inside the world of performers, the story explores themes of free will and fate. Magician's Choice  is a tale full of surprises, secrets, and wonder. A story where things and people are not always what they seem to be.

Ghosts or men in isolation going mad?
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A paranormal investigator spends a night at Ledge Lighthouse, a mile offshore from New London, Connecticut. He goes mad. Years later, a writer stumbles upon the investigator's box of gear that includes a notebook, photographs and chilling audio tape. According to legend, the lighthouse is haunted by a former keeper, Ernie, who committed suicide by jumping off the tower when he learned his wife had left him. The writer tries to unravel what happened to the investigator on his night at the lighthouse. What tilted him into madness? The writer also spends a night at the deserted, remote lighthouse where strange things happen. Where the shadows seem to hold secrets. Is he encountering the ghost of Ernie and other spectral creatures that haunt the place? Or is it all in his imagination?

Beware of the darkness as you turn the pages of this psychological thriller.

In 1914 and in 2019, expeditions to Antarctica fight to survive as they seek to uncover mysteries in the ice.
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This story begins when Ernest Shackleton's men are stranded on Elephant Island in 1916 after their ship was frozen in the ice and they spent nearly two years just trying to survive. Eventually, they rowed to Elephant Island. 


The story winds forward to 2019. Diana, a meteorite hunter for the Museum of Natural History, ventures to the island to seek answers to a mystery that started when Shackleton's men were marooned there. A mystery that involves a rare type of iridium, a rock from space, and experiments by Nikola Tesla. On a grueling, life-and-death expedition, Diana discovers things about meteorites, Elephant Island, and herself. Like Shackleton, she must endure and survive as her expedition faces unexpected challenges and complications. A page-turner set in the frozen wastes of Antarctica.

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Next Novel

I am contemplating  a new book. It may be a thriller set on the moon. Like my other novels, it will be historical fiction, but this time, in the future.

An alternative idea is to look back at the beginning of the space program in the early 1960s and develop a story around a young boy (me) growing up at that time who is enthralled by the bold adventure of space flight.

Whatever I decided on, the book will be about space exploration — past or future.

Here are a couple of cover ideas I created to help me focus my thinking.

Sometimes I start with a cover idea and then figure out what the story is that would go with it.

Contact us if you are interested in a book talk / signing.

Harry on Mac.001.jpeg

Do I ever get writer's block? No. But sometimes, other things do interfere with my writing.

Harry the cat left us in June, 2021

after 20 wonderful years.


I will miss his creative input.

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