Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all my lectures,

magic shows, and other events have been canceled

or postponed.

In the winter and spring of 2021, I will be doing some presentations on Zoom. Check here for updates.

When normal life activies begin, please check here for my schedule of live appearances.

Be safe!


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February 10,  4pm

Hosted by the Groton Senior Center

"A Brief History of Magic"

Presentation on Zoom

Registration Required

February 15,  7pm

Mysterium "Loving illusions"

Magic Show on Zoom

Hosted by The Thames Club

(Recording on the Magic page here)

February 24,  4pm

Mysterium "Wonders"

 Magic Show on Zoom

Hosted by The Groton Senior Center

Registration Required

March 20,  4pm


Discussion of my two 

maritime-themed novels

Hosted by The Shennecossett Yacht Club

May 7-23

Photographing & Lecturing on a

Lindblad / National Geographic Expedition

around the Baltic Sea

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