I have been taking pictures for more than 55 years. I love the power of a photograph to capture the essence of a person, place, animal or moment. In the course of my career, over thirty years of which I've worked with National Geographic, I have done just about every type of photography there is. I've lost count but I have probably shot about a million photographs. I still love to explore the world with my camera and share what I capture in photographs.

While I have had exhibits, and my pictures have been published in many books, magazines, posters and elsewhere, the main forum for my photography has been media shows. Originally slide-shows but eventually films made from still pictures using digital techniques. You can see some of those films elsewhere on this website.

Here are a few of my images, taken around the world over many years.

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I'm often asked what gear I use. For about 45 years, I shot with Nikons. In 2011, I discovered the FujiFilm X100 mirrorless camera. It quickly became my favorite camera ever. I eventually switched to Fujifilm cameras entirely. I travel with minimal gear: 2 camera bodies (as of now, the XT1 and XT3) and usually no more than 10-24mm and 18-135mm lenses. For wildlife photography I will take along a 55-200mm lens. For my ISRAEL film, I shot with only the 18-135 lens. Too much gear can be distracting. My "X100" and "A Day in New York" films on my FILMS page here were shot entirely with my X100 with its fixed 35mm lens. I do limited post-production work. Decades of shooting slide-film taught me to get it right in the camera, a mindset I still have. To me, the camera is not that important. It's the mind, the eye and the heart of the person behind the camera that make compelling and evocative images.

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