Todd has worked with National Geographic since 1987. For many years, he was the Geographic's Director of Multi-Image and an Executive Producer. His work included writing, photography, producing and lecturing. Todd created shows about history, travel, photography, cultures, wildlife, environmental issues, science, exploration, the Geographic and other topics.


His photography is represented by the National Geographic Image Library.

Todd continues to photograph and lecture on National Geographic Expeditions. He has traveled on them to Europe, the Arctic, Galapagos, Antarctica, Canada, and Iceland. Future expedition assignments will be listed here on the Events page.

You can see here a few of the many shows Todd has created for National Geographic.

All photos by Marcia Gipstein

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I created this film for use in the lobby of National Geographic headquarters in Washington, D.C. It was created in the year 2000, so some of it is now dated. But I think it still gives a feel for how the Geographic works. It takes us behind the scenes to show how explorers, photographers and writers in the field are supported by work back at headquarters to bring their work to the Geographic’s magazines and TV shows. I commissioned a piece of music from John Kusiak for the score of the film. 

In 1998, National Geographic celebrated the career of Jim Stanfield, perhaps the greatest photographer ever to shoot for the magazine. He was retiring after more than thirty years shooting blockbuster stories. They also launched a book of his photographs, “Eye of the Beholder.” I created this show to support these two events, and also to document the work of this extraordinary artist for posterity. I went with Jim to Greece to photograph him on assignment. I interviewed him and worked on the narration for this show. In my years at National Geographic, I created many shows profiling its talented corps of photographers. But Jim was, to me, in a league of his own. His images are art, and in this show, he shares insights into what went into his photography. He also shares some stories from his wide-ranging and illustrious career at National Geographic. Working together on this show sparked a friendship that continues to this day.

"Fluid Clocks" for time-travel film

This piece was originally created for National Geographic Traveler Magazine to use at an international travel symposium.  It premiered in Beijing, China, in 1997. My goal was to show that when we travel, we experience other cultures and realize that we are more alike than we are different. We all share a common humanity. That unites us more powerfully than any difference divide us. Today, in 2020, perhaps more than ever, the message of this show is one that I hope everybody who sees it will think about and promote.

This film was created for National Geographic Magazine. It is a journey through the animal kingdom. I wanted to show the beauty of wild animals, their behavior, and explore our relationship to them. Most of the photographs are by the great wildlife photographer Frans Lanting, with some images from others as well. Since the show would be used worldwide, I used no script that would require translation. Instead, I created small chapters of images and music to tell the story. I hope this film will help viewers appreciate the diversity of the animal kingdom and connect them emotionally to the wild creatures with whom we share our planet.

For Nat Geo/Lindblad Expedition guests only, download a PDF of Todd's thoughts on photography,  media and storytelling. It includes resources, techniques and a bibliography.

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