I have lectured across the United States and around the world in locations as diverse as Europe, China, Antarctica, the Galapagos and the Arctic. I have given hundreds of presentations on a wide range of topics including writing, creativityphotography, history, places, magic, and storytelling.
Since I am a photographer and filmmaker, all my presentations are richly illustrated with photographs and short films. I take my experience as a storyteller, and my performance of magic to craft presentations that are thought provoking, visually compelling and entertaining. My talks are not "let me read the text" or "sorry you can't see the images" PowerPoints. They are heartfelt and intelligent presentations about life.
In these talks, which last 45-60 minuets, I take my audiences to other places and other times. To other worlds.
In some, I will share my insights on the creative process, storytelling, and producing media. My goal as a presenter is to touch a responsive chord. To open the eyes and touch the hearts of my audience.
• The Mind, the Eye, and the Heart of a Photographer
• Bringing History to Life in Media
• Antarctica
• Writing Historical Fiction
• Storytelling Media
• On Communication
• Creativity: Media, Writing & Magic
• Looking at the World
• Shooting Nature: from the Galapagos to Antarctica
• A Concise History of Magic
• Media with a Message
• The Liberation of Limitations
• On Assignment at Home
• Travel Photography
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